A Progressive Soul


A progressive soul always looks forward in every circumstance.

Such a soul sees setbacks as mere detours or bumps or hiccups put in the way by the Universe.

A progressive soul views such detours, bumps or hiccups as meant to offer lessons and spark reflections helping to shape the path of the progress.

On the path of progress, a progressive soul sees every success or challenge as a building or stepping block.

Such a soul is conditioned to listen further when the Universe says “NO”. This soul bears that the Universe does not respond with one word. This soul listens to the rest of the message which says “NOt this one, but …” or “NOt this time, but …” or “NOt yet”.

A progressive soul sees no failures along its path. It finds lessons and opportunities at every corner.

Such a soul embraces the songs of critics as praise singers blaze louder and louder.

A progressive mind keeps on keeping on.

What is on your mind?


By Hastings Fukula Nyekanyeka, January 2017

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An Overview of Building and Construction in Malawi

Originally posted in The Hard Hat Professional on 31/03/2016 as “INSIDE AFRICA: AN OVERVIEW OF BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION IN MALAWI”

Building and Construction in Malawi is vastly different from South Africa’s own burgeoning construction sector. Mulima Phiri, registered Pr.CM shares his insight.


1. Building Equipment Resources – Malawi tends to make use of more orthodox, low cost building materials such as wood poles for propping, while SA uses more conventional materials like steel scaffolds

2. Health & Safety – In Malawi, formal health and safety procedures are not regarded as a mandatory practice during construction.

3. Main Construction Contracts – Whereas in South Africa, the majority of contracts are generally awarded to a few companies, in Malawi, the load is distributed across all qualifying companies

4. Economic Status Predicts Magnitude of Projects – in SA, the big projects are provided to local contractors whereas in Malawi, main contracts are reserved for international contractors.

Overall, South Africa can learn from the passion of Malawian built environment professionals as well as their innovative use of low cost building methodologies that are inherently more productive. On the other hand, South Africa benefits from more consistency in quality as a result of better building materials. Another thing that South Africans can learn from the Malawians is to institute design freezes at the tender stage of the project lifecycle. The project close out and demobilisation process in Malawi construction is also a lot smoother than currently experienced in South Africa.

Malawi is not without its challenges in the construction sector, however, and political interference and influence on construction works, collusion and corruption, and the current economic status of the country have been identified as barriers to a more sustainable industry.

In terms of skills in construction, unlike in South Africa where skilled construction and built environment professionals are scarce, Malawi’s professionals by far outweigh the number of available projects. This means that as a foreigner, finding a job in the construction industry in Malawi would be very difficult.


Mulima Phiri holds a Master’s Degree in Construction Management and is currently a Registered Professional Construction Manager (Pr.CM) in South Africa. He has 18 years of experience in the construction industry, working on power stations, stadiums, bridges, roads, piping, etc.

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“The Bridge” by Dalitso Mzinganjira

Soon after an amazing Church service on the morning of 31 January 2016, I thought of taking a walk home through the woods. A few minutes later, as I was about to cross over this bridge, the Lord spoke to me in a very mystical way and He said ‘Smile, now’! Then I stopped and smiled!  And immediately what I saw in front of me, was this awesome and beautiful view of the other side of the bridge, and was vividly different from what I was seeing behind me! I continue to smile and couldn’t even stop.

A few minutes later, I went back back to the other side of the bridge and took a selfie! hoping to share the vision and hopefully encourage someone, somewhere!
Dalitso Mzinganjira

The Bridge
It’s not just another piece of wood mixed with some iron, there’s more to that structure. A bridge can be a great tool for transition and propel our eagerness to tackle problems and cross over. A bridge can also symbolize a new opportunity as it opens up to us. A bridge can also stimulate out attempts to put distance between us and other habits, connecting us to the new season, new lifestyle and experiences.


Therefore, never be intimidated or scared by the roar from the gushing sounds of water beneath the bridge, pay no attention, just keep going forth! You are CROSSING OVER!
This is your moment of victory, breakthrough and transformation!

When you are crossing over that bridge! Do the right thing! SMILE and OPEN YOUR EYES! You’ll go back home with a testimony
Roman 8:37

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Spread Girl Power and Substance


That’s Girl Power!
Determination, Brilliance, Empowerment, Focus… many other words can be added to this.

Shout out to all Empowered Ladies out there. Endevour to Inspire, mentor and pull other girls/ladies up.

Special shoutout to parents and guardians of girls out there. They all don’t have to be scientists. The world is theirs to explore options. Either way, the ball is in our court parents and guardians.

To those in power and influence, women/girl empowerment is NOT a favor. It is a necessity for mankind.


Read the full article here ….

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Prose of a Charge for a People

malawi_flag_and_anthemThe nation of Malawi is 50+ years old. If you are a Malawian, what does the mentioning of the name Malawi do to your psyche? When you see the flag of Malawi, do you feel proud and connected to it? When you think about Malawi wherever you are, do you feel there is anything that lauds the history, traditions, the identity and struggles the people of Malawi nation in such a way that you feel Charged to patriotically do your part no matter what the challenges are? Do you pray to God a prayer that says nothing about what a people of a nation should do but just wait for God to fight the battles while they watch? Or do you feel like yours and future generations should live by a Charged that says the following?

God bless our Malawi,
Be on our side as we keep it a land of peace and progress.
Be our shield as we endeavor to put down each and every enemy of our land and element of retrogression;
Greed, corruption, regionalism, tribalism, hunger, disease, envy.
Render your Grace as we join the hearts of our peoples as one,
That we be free from fear and despair.
Bless and guide the leaders that we choose and all of us,
And the beautiful Mother Malawi.

Our own Malawi, this land you so blessed, fair, fertile and brave and free.
With beautiful lakes, refreshing sceneries and mountain air,
How greatly blessed are we.
Hills and valleys, minerals, soil so rich and rare, energy source,
Give us a bounty free.
Wood and forest, plains so broad and fair,
All-beauteous Malawi.

Freedom ever, let us all unite to build up Malawi,
To restore and protect our natural resources,
To preserve our heritage and history,
To leave our land better for future generations.
With our love, our zeal and loyalty,
Giving our best to her.
In time of conflict, or in time of peace,
One purpose and one goal.
Each contributing and serving selflessly
In building Malawi and keeping it The Warm Heart of Africa.

Long Live Malawi!

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The Prize Beyond The Horizon

This particular story is an excerpt from a whole life story. It is not a rugs to riches story, neither is it a story of privileges to prosperity. This story is told because it is unique in its own way. The story is also told because any story, when told, has the potential to inspire at least one person out there who might come across the story just at the right moment for them to be spurred into their own pursuit of their own dreams and aspirations towards their destiny.

After starting my job at Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) in October 1993 soon after graduation, I saved half of my salary during the whole of 1994 so that by January 1995 I should have saved enough to fly from Malawi to USA where the process for securing a postgraduate admission at West Virginia University waiting for one last thing; my Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score. Sourcing GRE study material, preparing for the exam and writing the exam while all the way in Malawi was going to be cumbersome. So against all advice against the move, I left my job at RBM for West Virginia, USA.

My first ten months in West Virginia were both challenging and empowering. After using my savings to buy an air ticket from Malawi to USA and for my upkeep since arriving in the USA and paying the first installment of my fees, I still had to make ends meet. I needed to save for the remainder of my fees, buying study material, paying rent, buying food and sending something back home.

As students, we were only allowed to work 20 hours per week and it had to be only on campus. So what was a young man who a few months earlier was an IT Systems Analysts and Programmer at a Central Bank going to do in a strange land? A few months earlier I was sure living like a king but now I had to do what had to be done. I got a job in one of the student residence halls on campus (Arnold Hall). We proudly served the resident students, manning the conveyor belt to scrape the leftovers from their trays, putting their plates through a dishwasher (Damn! That station was hot) then arrange the [very hot] plates for storage, and sweeping and mopping the floor in the kitchen. And we had fun while doing it – always with eyes on the future. What happened after that is a whole storybook that is still being written.

The sky is not the limit, attitude is.

Tell your story as well for yours is also unique in its own way.

I Will Keep On (Adapted from Zahara’s Destiny)

Some people live their dreams.
Some their destiny passes them by.
Nothing ever stays the same.
Only God knows how long it will take for me to reach my destiny.
Some tell me my dreams and aspirations are outrageous and  unattainable.
I will submit my dreams and aspirations to God and the Universe.
I will keep on trying.
I won’t give up.
I know in each and every end of the tunnel there will be a little light in the end.
I have thought of taking the route everybody else has been taking.
But I know I have to learn from others, chart my own and find my own destiny.
Everything may seem rushing on me and everything may seem too slow.
But I will keep on keeping on.



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Say it with a SPLASH!!

During my primary school days, we had a poem which I have adapted like this:-

If all the seas were one sea, what a great sea that would be!
If all the trees were one tree, what a great tree that would be!
If all the axes were one axe, what a great axe that would be!
If all the people were one person, what a great man person would be!
And if the great person took the great axe, and cut down the great tree,
And the great tree fell into the great sea, what a great splash that would be!

Now imagine if that great tree were a Cycle Of Poverty that needs to be broken,
And imagine if You were one of the people who had made up that great person holding that great axe,
And imagine if that great axe were the combined contributions/support that You, me and others gave towards a cause to Organize Against Poverty in a community,
What a great splash Our help would make!

imageThe day of 25 April is my birthday and I have no reason to celebrate it quietly. For sure I will celebrate the day but I would also like to use it to bless others who need a push in life. One of the causes close to my heart is youth empowerment programs which we coordinate through an organization called Thondwe Youth Skills Development Organization (THOYODO). This is a community-based organization which was established in January 2011 to empower the youth and improve the living standards and future of many young people around Thondwe area in Zomba Malawi by providing them with, among other activities, vocational artisan skills (tailoring, welding, electrical, recycling, brick laying, general computer  skills and repair), a school sponsorship program helping needy families with funds for study materials and augmenting  their school fees payments, a community library and many more.  THOYODO also facilitates sports programs in the community schools. The organization also conducts programs for HIV/AIDS prevention awareness and program aimed at preventing childhood marriages and pregnancies among our youth.

Now if each View or “Like” of this message, or each Happy Birthday or belated message that I received were accompanied by a monetary birthday contribution of any amount towards this youth empowerment cause, what a great splash we would make in Organizing Against Poverty!

So if you would like to join me in Organizing Against Poverty, please indicate how I should send you banking details where you should send your contribution no matter where you are my friend. Even a Dollar, a 100 Kwacha or a Rand from you, together with others we will make a great splash. Our community will be grateful for your support.

Thank you in advance.

Check out this link for more information https://obetha.wordpress.com/?s=thoyodo

#TippingPoint  #NotCelebratingQuietly

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