We Ought to Give God a Break

The month was August 2013 and it was déjà vu all over again. Sources reporting that “Malawi public hospitals run out of dental anesthesia” saying “Many hospitals in the country have run out of dental anaesthesia (Dental lignocaine) and people who need to have their teeth extracted have to wait until it is made available …….

When similar shortage of drugs befell Malawi the previous year, the blame was all heaped on ONLY one person, the then State President. I sincerely beg my fellow Malawians to please desist from pinning this one on ONLY the State President like before. In fact, let us try not to pin it on the President at all; just this once and I am sure we will be on our way to breaking this vicious cycle we are in. It should be noted that are elements that fail our presidents but we seem to allow them the space to do the same from regime to regime. The president is not a solo operator of the machinations of the regime and government. We have a huge cast of players called “regime elements”, hand-clappers and servants of the state who are an integral part of the machinations of impunity and retrogression. These elements are very conspicuous. You will recognize them by what they say when they are interviewed. They like attributing everything to the President so that all failures of the regime and government for which they are the architects and conduits should stick on only the President while they freely and safely jump ship to another regime and mess it up just like the previous one.

We need to note that God is a very busy Being. He has other nations that He has to rescue. One day He will get tired of rescuing us over and over again. He might just decide to let us spiral down the deepest pit so maybe we can wake up and start fixing this beautiful country.

Let us give God a break so He can concentrate on other countries that equally need His help.

For once, let us hold accountable the operatives of the regime(s) and key servants of the state on some of these matters.

Atitopelatu Chauta.

Let’s do this!


About Hastings Fukula Nyekanyeka Betha

Born in Malawian and advocate of community mobilization, citizens' active participation in sustainable community development, and youth empowerment. Primarily focusing on "Organizing Against Poverty" by encouraging a new generation of players to participate in and influence the development of our communities
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