Searching For Malawi’s Deepest Spot

My fellow Malawians, I would like to implore us to desist from always reactively calling for regime changes every time the ills that we already know are part of our fabric as a people manifest themselves into something pungent and repugnant.

I am sorry to burst your bubble good people but unfortunately a Regime Change will not do it for us. In 2012, even God himself thought Regime Change would work for Malawi. Our political regimes have changed but we still have all the systems, the impunity, the mentalities and ills that have afflicted our nation for a long time. And we know them, we all talk about them; but think that someone from somewhere is going to fix them for us.

It is time for a total rethink of our nation and where we are taking it to.

I wholeheartedly submit this assertion that Malawi’s actual problems are not yet out. By that I mean the extent to which we are messing up the country and its future as individuals and as a nation due to our actions and inactions is not yet out. But do we really have to get to the very lowest ebbs of despair for us to get our act together? From self-aggrandizement, fraud at all levels of the society, suppression of constructive debate and ideas, rampant greed, selling of our prime land sources and minerals to people whose hearts are not in Malawi, the precipitous deterioration of health and education standards etc etc, and all the way to the acceptance and celebration of mediocrity at all levels of the society. It is scary.

If we do not seriously change our priorities soon, we are in for perpetual turbulence.

I wonder how many Malawians really really care about Malawi and its future. I wonder, do you? If you do, then what are you doing about it? Remember that unless your heart is somewhere else, you will be retiring in this country, and your descendants and your sorry old self will live in this mess that is currently being created. Trust me, if you are part of the architects of this mess, you will never have peace; you have karma payback all around you like stink on a skunk.

My mother once told me that there are two fluids in a human body that are very dangerous. The first one is Blood. She said anyone who kills thus spills blood of another person never ever has peace forever. The other one is Saliva. In my mind I said “Saliva?”. Well, she continued saying that during the day there is the sun shining on all of us and by night, we have the moon shining on us. So as you are doing whatever you are doing, there is the sun or the moon shining on you. That is the eye of God (The Great Architect of The Universe) looking at you. However, at the same time, that sun or moon is shining on someone who is talking through their mouth (hence the Saliva connection) about events in their life. Thus no matter where they are, if your actions are the cause of their misfortune like lack of medicine in a local clinic because of your actions, the negative energy of Karma will flow from their saliva through the sun or the moon to you. By the same token, blessings flow through the same channel if your remote actions are the source of their joy.

Ayi ndithu kadzipangani zodziphangila nokhazo mudzaonanso. Si kale ayi. Calamity imachita kuyamba uli mkati modziphangila mommo. Kungoti munthu umakhala wodzikonda ndipo wotanganidwa ndi zakozo kwakuti siumatha kukhala pansi ndi kuganiza kuti zikukuchitikilazi ndi chifukwa cha ukadziphangile ndi ukangandiwamba uchita kapena unachita pajapo kalelo. Mtendere muntima mulibe, matenda mbwee, zipsyinjo kungoti kakasi! Koma osadabwa kuti zikuchokela pati? Zonsenzo ndi kudandaula kwa munthu amene m’bale wake wamwalila kutali ndi iwe kwina kwake chifukwa mankhwala amene anakachiza munthuyo iweyo wadziphangila. Asova ndi Karma ndi Chauta

And to you who are in the middle, take this to the so-called bottom majority, help empower and enable them to stop being fatalistic and believing that as a Malawian, they deserve whatever filth they get from you and your bosses. But first start with yourself – let us stop behaving as if we believe that Malawians do not deserve good things.

Let’s Do This!


About Hastings Fukula Nyekanyeka Betha

Born in Malawian and advocate of community mobilization, citizens' active participation in sustainable community development, and youth empowerment. Primarily focusing on "Organizing Against Poverty" by encouraging a new generation of players to participate in and influence the development of our communities
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