My Friends, My People, My Wealth

The other day I was backing up the contacts on my phone and I was amazed at the number of contacts that I have. I knew I have maintained a lot of ties but I had never taken count. So when the contacts backup application flashed a count of 4801, I was extremely amazed. Then a voice popped inside my head saying “This Is Wealth”. Contacts 2 I also have many friends on Facebook but never checked how many I had until when this voice popped. And there I saw it, 1,326 Facebook friends. What? All those? Granted some of them are just watching what I am ranting about in silence. But most of them we chat and wall each other.

I can’t help it but believe that if Forbes Magazine were to rank People with Most Friends and relatives, I would rank well. Therefore, I have decided to draw from this wealth that I have in my contacts. Imagine if each of my Facebook friends gave towards my Causes the equivalent of US$1.00, every month for 12 months. We would raise at least US$1,326.00 each month; totaling US$15,912.00 at the end of 12 months. Now consider that a number of these friends can actually afford to give more than US$1.00 every month. And that is only from Facebook.

1,326 Facebook Friends. Imagine if each of these gave $1 to my Causes

1,326 Facebook Friends. Imagine if each of these gave $1 to my Causes

Now how about sending an an appeal to all the contacts on my phone? Say 1,000 of my contacts we are already linked through Facebook then I would remain with 3,801. And let’s say for some reason I can’t get to 1,000 of these. I am still remaining with 2,801. Should I check how many email contacts I communicate with? No, I see the picture already; it will just get better.

I am a Board of Member for a Community Based Organization (CBO) in our home area of Thondwe in Zomba Malawi called the Thondwe Youth Development Organisation (THOYODO). THOYODO is a youth led organization which was established in January 2011 to empower the youth and improve the living standard of many young people around Thondwe area by providing them with vocational artisan skills and HIV/AIDS prevention awareness among other activities.

On October 26, 2013, we launched an inter-schools competition in soccer and netball for our home area which will run until the end of November. A total of eight primary schools are participating in the competition. The total prize money for the tournament (soccer and netball) is MK200,000.00 (ZAR5116 or US$521), which will be shared among the top five teams. I have pledged MK72,000 (ZAR2,000 or US$200) towards the initiative and I am making this appeal to you my friends asking if you can contribute whatever you can financially towards THOYODO through this sporting initiative. Any extra monetary support that will be realized from this will be put towards other programs that THOYODO is carrying out in the Thondwe area.

Your support will go a long way in ensuring the success of THOYODO initiatives. And in relation to this tournament, the development of sports and talent in the Thondwe area and the development of facilities in the winning schools because we have advised the school administrators to ensure that part of the prize money should go towards tangible development at the schools which we will monitor.

I look forward to hearing from you and will send you banking details upon request if you would like to contribute to our initiatives at this time and/or in future.

Please pass this along, including my contact email, to anyone whom you think might support.

I, the youth and the people of our area of Thondwe will appreciate any support that you might send our way.

Let’s Do This!


About Hastings Fukula Nyekanyeka Betha

Born in Malawian and advocate of community mobilization, citizens' active participation in sustainable community development, and youth empowerment. Primarily focusing on "Organizing Against Poverty" by encouraging a new generation of players to participate in and influence the development of our communities
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