“The Bridge” by Dalitso Mzinganjira

Soon after an amazing Church service on the morning of 31 January 2016, I thought of taking a walk home through the woods. A few minutes later, as I was about to cross over this bridge, the Lord spoke to me in a very mystical way and He said ‘Smile, now’! Then I stopped and smiled!  And immediately what I saw in front of me, was this awesome and beautiful view of the other side of the bridge, and was vividly different from what I was seeing behind me! I continue to smile and couldn’t even stop.

A few minutes later, I went back back to the other side of the bridge and took a selfie! hoping to share the vision and hopefully encourage someone, somewhere!
Dalitso Mzinganjira

The Bridge
It’s not just another piece of wood mixed with some iron, there’s more to that structure. A bridge can be a great tool for transition and propel our eagerness to tackle problems and cross over. A bridge can also symbolize a new opportunity as it opens up to us. A bridge can also stimulate out attempts to put distance between us and other habits, connecting us to the new season, new lifestyle and experiences.


Therefore, never be intimidated or scared by the roar from the gushing sounds of water beneath the bridge, pay no attention, just keep going forth! You are CROSSING OVER!
This is your moment of victory, breakthrough and transformation!

When you are crossing over that bridge! Do the right thing! SMILE and OPEN YOUR EYES! You’ll go back home with a testimony
Roman 8:37


About Hastings Fukula Nyekanyeka Betha

Born in Malawian and advocate of community mobilization, citizens' active participation in sustainable community development, and youth empowerment. Primarily focusing on "Organizing Against Poverty" by encouraging a new generation of players to participate in and influence the development of our communities
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